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  • One Last Word From TLNT’s Founding Editor: Aloha, Adios, and Goodbye
    Posted by John Hollon on 29 aprile 2016 at 10:58

    Six years ago this week, I joined ERE Media to tackle what seemed at the time like an overwhelming project: Develop a new blog/website focused on HR and talent management. My first thought on Day 1? What the hell did I get myself into? Today, 72 months later, as I prepare to depart... […]

  • A Basic Guide to Working With a Search Firm
    Posted by Angela McDonald on 29 aprile 2016 at 09:41

    With multitudes of candidates vying for job vacancies daily, recruiters, executive search firms, and human resource professionals have their hands full in a dynamic cycle of sifting through the qualified and unqualified candidates. If you are looking for ideal rank and file employees, your own recruiters are your best bet. However, if you... […]

  • Is The Uber Deal A Step Toward A Third Worker Classification?
    Posted by Richard Meneghello and John Poison on 29 aprile 2016 at 08:56

    The ride-sharing company Uber recently announced a preliminary $100 million agreement to settle claims alleging that it improperly classifies its workforce as independent contractors. Because the settlement involves the foremost business entity in the new gig economy, this is a groundbreaking agreement that could provide guidance to many other emerging businesses that take... […]

  • The Logical Lessons Managers Can Learn From Mr. Spock
    Posted by John Hollon on 29 aprile 2016 at 08:34

    Editor’s Note: As I wrap up my time as Editor of TLNT — today is my last day — I wanted to share some of my favorite posts from over the years. Here’s one from February 2015. Mr. Spock has died. He lived long, and prospered. Of course, Star Trek‘s Mr. Spock, the character, will still be... […]

  • The Secret To Business and Workplace Success? It’s Getting Stuff Done
    Posted by John Hollon on 28 aprile 2016 at 15:05

    Editor’s Note: As I wind down my stint as Editor of TLNT — Friday is my last day — I wanted to share some of my favorite posts from over the years. Here’s one from April 2013.   Sometimes, the most complicated questions have the simplest answers. This can be a little hard to comprehend because... […]

  • How One Company Lost An “A” Player and What You Can Do to Avoid It
    Posted by David Lee on 28 aprile 2016 at 11:37

    When Courtney told her manager she was leaving, every senior leader she had worked with in the company pulled her into their office asking what it would take to change her mind. One even said she could “write her own ticket” and he would make it happen. The only ticket Courtney wanted, though,... […]

  • 4 Organizational “Spring Cleaning” Tips
    Posted by Jeremy Kingsley on 28 aprile 2016 at 10:30

    After a few false starts, spring seems to finally be here for good. As we open windows and begin to enjoy longer days, sometimes we literally see our home in a different light—and it’s not always a good sight. Dusty corners, neglected stacks of old paperwork, clutter and smudges that seem to appear... […]

  • Mergers Need Informal Networks to be Successful
    Posted by Justin Wasserman on 28 aprile 2016 at 10:12

    This month’s announcement that Alaska Airlines has won the bidding war to purchase Virgin America for $2.6B firmly put to rest the rumors that the era of airline consolidation is over. The combination of these two brands will earn Alaska a seat among the top five largest American carriers, alongside industry giants, including... […]

  • A Sobering Video Reminder That Sexual Harassment is Still a Workforce Issue
    Posted by Eric B. Meyer on 27 aprile 2016 at 14:11

    By Eric B. Meyer Most of you have probably seen or heard about Mean Tweets from Jimmy Kimmel Live! That’s the segment where celebrities stand in front of the camera with smartphone in hand awkwardly reading the snippets of vitriol that Twitters users can spew about them in 140 characters or less. The... […]

  • The Office Dress Code Debate: How Would You Deal With Katy Perry?
    Posted by John Hollon on 27 aprile 2016 at 12:53

    Editor’s Note: As I wind down my stint as Editor of TLNT — this is my last week — I wanted to share some of my favorite posts from over the years. Here’s one from September 2010.  Who would have thought that pop singer Katy Perry would have kicked open a debate about what... […]

  • What Do You Know About White People?
    Posted by Evil HR Lady on 29 aprile 2016 at 11:48

    We talk a lot about diversity, in HR, and we have all sorts of programs and measurements in place. Many businesses are even subject to Affirmative Action Reporting, where you have to declare to the federal government the racial and gender makeup of your staff.As a result, many businesses proudly proclaim that not only are […]

  • What Happens When You Hire an Employment Lawyer?
    Posted by Evil HR Lady on 28 aprile 2016 at 11:45

    Let’s say your boss pinches your behind and makes crude comments about your skirt length. This is textbook sexual harassment, so you decide to sue. The good guy always wins, right? One might hope, but it’s not that always that simple. Let’s go through what you can expect to happen in this scenario and others like […]

  • Outsourcing in Response to Business Transformations: 3 Tips for Success
    Posted by Evil HR Lady on 27 aprile 2016 at 11:11

    Often, organizations consider outsourcing in response to business transformations an unpleasant choice, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The idea that other people are needed to handle responsibilities might be the best — or only — way to handle growth. It’s easy to become over-extended as you expand, and it’s important that the […]

  • Building a New HR Team Without Breaking the Bank
    Posted by Evil HR Lady on 26 aprile 2016 at 11:10

    As soon as you hire your first employee, you need HR knowledge. As the number of employees at your company grows, you’ll need a whole HR team. That may sound ridiculous to a business leader looking to save on costs: After all, if you have 50 employees under your roof, it makes no sense to […]

  • Educating Employees to New Heights Can Lead to Company-Wide Benefits
    Posted by Evil HR Lady on 25 aprile 2016 at 11:08

    When you hire someone, that person should already have the requisite skills to help you fill a need. But, like most companies, you’re probably not used to educating employees beyond the typical onboarding process and training for their position. While every business understands that most new hires don’t come perfectly equipped for their new role, […]

  • 8 Ways to Gain Respect from Your Coworkers
    Posted by Evil HR Lady on 22 aprile 2016 at 11:48

    Some people just walk into a room, and every eye and ear are immediately tuned into them. Is it magic? Doubtful. In reality, that person has worked hard over the years to gain the respect of the people who work around him. You can gain respect as well. Here are eight secrets about how to […]

  • Congress Realizes New Overtime Rules Stink
    Posted by Evil HR Lady on 21 aprile 2016 at 11:34

    Last summer the Department of Labor released a new proposal for a change in overtime laws. Significantly, regardless of job duties, employees will have to earn $50,440 per year before they can be considered exemptfrom overtime. The change hasn’t been implemented yet (the proposed date is September 2016), but business owners are already in a panic. […]

  • Dilemma of the Month: Saying ‘No’ to New Titles
    Posted by Evil HR Lady on 20 aprile 2016 at 11:53

    We are a mid-sized nonprofit with a three-tiered structure. We are hiring for a new senior marketing position, and I decided to go with CMO for the title to help recruit a rock star from within our industry to potentially serve as my No 2. My director of fundraising, who I personally recruited four years […]

  • Compete With Millennial Business Owners and Succeed
    Posted by Evil HR Lady on 19 aprile 2016 at 12:03

    A favorite subject of media these days is millennials. Coverage ranges from singing their praises to criticizing them for their habits and preferences. The reality is that millennial business owners are very good at some things — social media, new ideas, marketing to a young audience — and not so good at others. For instance, […]

  • Why Women Only Chariot Could Crash
    Posted by Evil HR Lady on 18 aprile 2016 at 11:02

    You may have heard of Chariot–a new female-only taxi service–is set to launch soon in Boston. While it sounds like a great idea–lots of women feel more comfortable driving with an unknown woman rather than an unknown man–I doubt it will survive the court challenges that are set to come. What’s wrong with a female-staffed […]

  • Employee Handbooks Under Scrutiny
    Posted by Jack Robinson on 29 aprile 2016 at 13:49

    OK, pop quiz: What’s the difference between these two employee-handbook policies? “Be respectful to the company, other employees, customers, partners, and competitors.” “Each employee is expected to work in a cooperative manner with management/supervision, co-workers, customers and vendors.” One, according to the National Labor Relations Board, is legal. The other is not. (I’ll tell you […]

  • Opioids Continue to Be a Workplace Scourge
    Posted by Andrew McIlvaine on 28 aprile 2016 at 14:40

    We’ve all heard a lot during this presidential election season about the heroin epidemic that has seemingly left no corner of the United States untouched. Experts say an important factor that led to today’s skyrocketing rates of addiction has been the widespread abuse of opioid prescriptions for painkillers, including those prescribed by doctors for employees covered by […]

  • What Winning at Wellness Looks Like
    Posted by Mark McGraw on 27 aprile 2016 at 13:30

    Curious to see what makes for a top-notch wellness program? I’ll assume you said yes, which means you might want to take a peek at the new U.S. Chamber of Commerce Winning with Wellness report. Released earlier this month, the new publication is designed to “demystify” health promotion initiatives, looking at some of the “fundamentals […]

  • Safe and Secure, or Not So Sure?
    Posted by Mark McGraw on 26 aprile 2016 at 13:30

    The good news coming out of a recent CareerBuilder survey is that the overwhelming majority of employees (93 percent) feel their office is a safe, secure place to work. A few other findings from the Chicago-headquartered employment website and HR software provider’s poll of 3,031 full-time, United States-based workers are less encouraging. Some of these same […]

  • More Sexual-Harassment-Policy Rethinking
    Posted by Kristen Frasch on 25 aprile 2016 at 14:00

    Came across this recent research from the University of Missouri that adds credence to a Q&A I did late last year with the author of a book titled Sex and the Office: Women, Men and the Sex Partition That’s Dividing the Workplace. Both the MU researchers and the author of the book, Kim Elsesser, seem […]



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